Resolution from above


It’s a spectacular view indeed, from the spire of One World Trade Center, the 1,776 feet tall, glass-and-steel building that is nearing completion close to where the Twin Towers once stood in Lower Manhattan. Born from the tragedy of 9/11, it is a remarkable icon of hope and a marvel of persistence that now stands to define New York.

The interactive full 360° panoramic image shot here by the photographic team at TIME Magazine offers a highly detailed experience of the city through a clear menu and navigation tools. Multiple shots were taken and stitched together to build this great view from the very top of NYC. Read the whole story, interact with the photograph and watch the video clips including the making of the image by the TIME team.

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Ageing Superhero


I came across these photorealistic oil paintings called the ‘Aging Superhero’ by Swedish artist Andreas Englund. If fine art with a touch of humour is your thing you might like these. They take us into the humorous life of an anonymous elderly action figure who has probably seen better days. The character reminds me of the late great, Leslie Nielsen who was famous for his bumbling investigator roles in Police Squad and the Naked Gun series.

The moments captured are just excellent and the wear and tear of battling crime is clearly depicted in each piece. I particularly like the painting Planes where he takes a selfie on an old SLR camera whilst flying alongside some jets. Great!

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Frank Gehry


Seeking some inspiration in art and design I returned to Sydney Pollack’s first documentary on the acclaimed architect, Frank Gehry. The daring yet sensual Guggenheim Museum Bilbao from 1997 is an absolute masterpiece of his and one of my favourites. Inventive and astonishingly formed, it is a collection of shapes and textures that plays with light and offers spectacular views on a grand scale.

Dogged by frustrations, personal conflict and mostly bankrupt in his self belief in his early days, he recovered his ability to convince his clients and went on to produce some fabulous works. Profoundly creative, the man draws in squiggles and uses a range of industrial materials in his works of art, sculpture and space.

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John Wilhelm – Photoholic


He’s not a professional by his admission but his quirky ability to create some thought provoking visuals is something special. In my view he’s not a Photoshop criminal but an individual with an altered view he does well to warp into his work. Have a look at his utopian world here.

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Effects on Prometheus


It was another Ridley Scott masterpiece that hit the screens in 2012 with fine sound and visual execution. MPC’s breakdown shows how the alien planet LV-223, space environments, the human crew and alien space-crafts were created for Prometheus.

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David Smith


I discovered the work of David Smith, sign-writer/graphic and glass artist. He is an amazing talent keeping traditional art and techniques alive. This is a video of the making of his artwork on John Mayer’s album cover ‘Born & Raised’.

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