Marc Newson


I’ve been browsing the work of Marc Newson once again. Marc is the Sydney born, Industrial Designer of international acclaim that I first learnt about in the early 90’s. He has had a hand in so many different disciplines of design from furniture and homewares to cars, aircraft and yachts and continues to turn out exquisite works of art no matter what he takes on.

In recent times his association with Apple has seen him contribute to their range of popular consumer products. His work is a wonderful source of inspiration and I never cease to be amazed by the diversity of the man’s talent. Named after the American aircraft manufacturer, I recall his famous ‘Lockheed Lounge’ chair that was used in the Madonna – Rain music video. It was never really intended to be comfortable but recently the No:10 chair being one of the 10 chair edition, broke a few records when it auctioned for a cool $3.7 million.

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