Dean Smith

Dean Smith is a Freelance Automotive & Sports Photographer for the world’s top magazines, brands and manufacturers. As an avid automotive design and motorsports fan, this is a portfolio I admire, and so do over 20k of his Instagram followers. Cars are sculptural pieces of excellence and capturing them for communication is an art he has perfected. Hanging out of a speeding vehicle to capture his incredible images is an occupational hazard I envy very much. The creators of the magazines he shoots for have to be spoilt for choice, given that practically every photo of his is a hero shot. If you’re a car fan too, you can skip the magazines, if you like, and jump straight to the pics via the links here.

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There’s much to like about this particular seating solution from product design agency Fritsch-Durisotti. The design is a few years old but still proof that simple, stylish form followed by function does not date. I particularly like the ergonomically designed metal frame.

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Chris LaBrooy


Chris LaBrooy is a Designer who produces fun 3D work. He seems to like twisting familiar everyday things into new typographic and sculptural forms and does a great job of it. He has a particular fascination for all things automotive and likes bending up cars. He produces great pieces of visual art with a great mix of colour and light. His 40k followers on his Instagram account also seem to like his work as much as I do.

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Wearable 3D Printeds


My fascination for 3D printing is only heightened by wonderfully creative ideas like this. Mediated Matter Group have produced this great video of a 3D printed biological wearable, that could theoretically generate drugs, fuel and food when exposed to sunlight. The wearable known as Mushtari (Arabic for “giant”) — which you can see morphing and wrapping around the pelvis of computer-animated models in the video — was inspired by the human gastrointestinal tract. It’s not the kind of thing I encounter in my day to day work so I am hugely impressed with the direction this work is heading in and look forward to learning more about the subject as it evolves.

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Marc Newson


I’ve been browsing the work of Marc Newson once again. Marc is the Sydney born, Industrial Designer of international acclaim that I first learnt about in the early 90’s. He has had a hand in so many different disciplines of design from furniture and homewares to cars, aircraft and yachts and continues to turn out exquisite works of art no matter what he takes on.

In recent times his association with Apple has seen him contribute to their range of popular consumer products. His work is a wonderful source of inspiration and I never cease to be amazed by the diversity of the man’s talent. Named after the American aircraft manufacturer, I recall his famous ‘Lockheed Lounge’ chair that was used in the Madonna – Rain music video. It was never really intended to be comfortable but recently the No:10 chair being one of the 10 chair edition, broke a few records when it auctioned for a cool $3.7 million.

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Steffen Jahn


When I first saw the photoshoot of the BMW Zagato (prototype) online I was immediately taken by the detail in the setup of the shots as much as the striking red car. The direction of the whole series is excellent. There is so much attention to light and depth of field, they make for a wonderful collection of images. Then I learnt that they were shot by Steffen Jahn who happens to be a German photographer specialising in the creation of exquisite motoring imagery. Naturally, his clients are all major German automotive manufacturers.

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Digital Deadly Sins


I came across this great interactive in The Guardian on our progress into the digital age and how this information revolution affects us today. It is quite a revealing piece. Excerpt — It has been 25 years since the invention of the world wide web and more than 2 billion people are now connected. How does this information revolution affect us personally, socially and morally? Jon Ronson, Bill Bailey, Billy Bragg, Josie Long and others reveal their sinful online behaviour. Find out what pride, lust, greed, gluttony, envy, wrath and sloth mean in the digital world – and cast judgment on the guilty. Will you absolve or condemn them? A collaboration with the National Film Board of Canada.

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To Bauhaus or Baubau Haus


I have been a fan of the Bauhaus movement since discovering its wonderful design solutions at my art school. The Bauhaus was founded in Weimar, Germany in 1919 by architect, Walter Gropius with the aim of bridging the gap between art, design and industry and unifying all three. It was a school where students received theoretical and practical training in all of the fine arts -ceramics, murals, stained glass, typography, metalwork, book binding, stone sculpture and furniture-making – and learned to combine these fine art skills with new technologies to design and manufacture products that were both beautiful and practical. The website is a great directory and source of information for all things Bauhaus.


Baubau Haus on the other hand is a modern online spread designed to feed your daily appetite for design, illustration, photography, fashion and everything art-related. The creator’s goal is to visually inspire and entertain by promoting great content. Spot the Bauhaus creative influence in their selections. They do a great job.

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Drawing Cars


The work of Yasid Oozeear is just so good. He is an artist, illustrator and designer from the UK who specialises in automotive illustration. If you were a kid like me and enjoyed sketching and doodling cars and things on wheels then Yasid’s work will help your imagination instantly rush to a completely different planet. He uses Photoshop CC to sketch and illustrate some of the most exquisite looking motor vehicles with so much flair and attention to detail.

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Alex Girón

The work of Alex Girón is interesting to me for his ability to seamlessly cross so many boundaries in digital design. He is a designer and entrepreneur living and working in San Francisco. Formerly lead designer at Twitter, he is cofounder of a creative web design agency and co-working community for creative types. Whilst he boasts a list of excellent clients his explorations into mono prints aren’t too bad either.

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