To Bauhaus or Baubau Haus


I have been a fan of the Bauhaus movement since discovering its wonderful design solutions at my art school. The Bauhaus was founded in Weimar, Germany in 1919 by architect, Walter Gropius with the aim of bridging the gap between art, design and industry and unifying all three. It was a school where students received theoretical and practical training in all of the fine arts -ceramics, murals, stained glass, typography, metalwork, book binding, stone sculpture and furniture-making – and learned to combine these fine art skills with new technologies to design and manufacture products that were both beautiful and practical. The website is a great directory and source of information for all things Bauhaus.


Baubau Haus on the other hand is a modern online spread designed to feed your daily appetite for design, illustration, photography, fashion and everything art-related. The creator’s goal is to visually inspire and entertain by promoting great content. Spot the Bauhaus creative influence in their selections. They do a great job.

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